We finally got a chance to test out this FiTech Tripower unit and forums for car modifiers!   For our testing we used a 560 horse 461 cid engine that was topped off with a pair of KRE Aluminum D port heads.   A KRE Northwind and a Pro systems 4150 style HP1000 cfm carb were removed and we added a bone stock aluminum Tripower intake with the FiTech Trips sitting on top of it.   We machined the EFI adapters in house for the 1966 Tripower setup… We could also machine an adapter for the 1965 Tripower unit if you wanted.  We also created the matching air cleaner bases that utilize the stock air cleaner lids and linkage for the system to work on our stock tripower intake.  We added a return spring bracket for safety as well; however, the FiTech tripower unit has a fair amount of return spring built into it.  We will list the parts we have developed for the FiTech EFI Tripower at the bottom of this post and we hope offer these items as a complete kit for installation on your Pontiac very soon.

We only had time to make a few pulls; however we really liked what we saw from the setup.  Our best 600 rpm per pull netted us 520.8 HP and 569 ft lbs of torque.  While that is down a fair amount from the Northwind / 4150 setup, We felt that the EFI was still “learning” AND the stock intake is very restrictive at this power level.  For a combo making this much power, we would probably consider making a set of 1″ adapters to add some plenum volume to the intake to help compensate for the intakes deficiencies. We feel the stock Pontiac Tripower intake – bone stock – was the major limiting factor in the FFI combo.  We have heard through the grapevine that one of the Pontiac parts manufacturers is thinking about making a new Pontiac Tripower intake.  THAT would allow this FiTech EFI to really shine and we think it will have no issue supporting their 600 hp claims.In our testing we found the unit very simple to install and configure with our accompanying parts.  We are currently sorting out the fuel line supply part (yeah, we know – our setup worked on the dyno but is not what we would use in a car) Using this setup on a stock style engine would be very doable project for the weekend warrior / hobbyist giving you that RETRO look with EFI performance!

In summary, we give the FiTech EFI 2 THUMBS UP!

Keep an eye on the website as we will roll out the following FiTech EFI parts very soon

  • TIP-EFI-TRIPS-ACL13 – FiTech EFI Tripower air cleaner bases
  • TIP-EFI-RET – Return spring and bracket for FiTech EFI Tripower
  • TIP-EFI-LINK – Linkage for FiTech EFI Tripower
  • TIP-EFI-K&N – K&N Filter element for FiTech EFI Tripower
  • TIP-EFI-TRIPS – FiTech EFI Tripower adapters with mounting bolts and studs


The engine makes 520.8 HP and 569 ft lbs of torque