Here at Tin Indian Performance we spend an extraordinary amount of time on the dyno and at the track to help us develop the best performing Pontiac combinations on the market. In doing that we have selected KRE’s Aluminum heads as the foundation for most of our engine packages. We have been both selling and using these cylinder heads on our own race cars since they have come out on the market. We are very familiar putting together head packages with these Pontiac aluminum heads to help you reach your performance goals.  From Street to Street/Strip to all out Race, we’ve got you covered


Kauffman Aluminum D Port Pontiac Cylinder Head
KRE Pontiac Aluminum High Port Cylinder Head
KRE Pontiac WARP 6 Aluminum Cylinder Head


Cylinder heads require only a deposit to start your order if you do not want to purchase on line and pay in full. Please email us if you would like more information. All cylinder heads ship UPS.