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Pontiac Engine Gallery & Pontiac Engine Combinations

Tin Indian Performance Pontiac Dragster 1100+ Horsepower Pontiac engine
Tin Indian Performance Pontiac Dragster 1100+ Horsepower Pontiac engine

Building an engine? We can help! We are a Pontiac engine builder that knows making power is done with the right COMBINATION of parts. The parts need to match and compliment each other in order to optimize performance. When building a Pontiac engine, the selection of cylinder heads, camshaft, and intake is critical to building the right combination and making Pontiac power. We can build anything from an all out race engine to that perfect street engine. We have access to a Superflow 901 dynamometer for engine break in and to help us fine tune the power curve of your engine. When your engine leaves our shop, you know you will have an engine that does not leak AND it makes the POWER you want it to.

Super flow 901 dynostand
Super flow 901 dyno stand

We test and use all of the parts that we sell / manufacture. Our test cars consists of a 6 second rear engine dragster, and a 10 second ’66 GTO street car. Whether your setup is all stock, street/strip or an all out racecar, we are here to help you meet all of your performance goals!

Below are some of our tested Pontiac engine combinations. If you would like a complete engine quote, please email us for a formal quote at:

We are a Pontiac engine builder that ONLY builds Pontiacs!


Pontiac 535 Pump gas engine 672 hp 710 tq Steve Galea535 cid Pump Gas Pontiac Engine
672 Horsepower 710 ft lbs of Torque

This ALL Aluminum 535 cid pump gas Pontiac engine was built with a Kauffman Performance MR-1A engine block.  The engine uses a Comp Cam Custom ground Hydraulic roller camshaft,  Lunati Hydraulic roller lifters, Eagle 4340 Forged 4.5″ stroke crankshaft, Eagle 6.7 rods, Federal Mogul rod and main bearings, Durabond cam bearings, Melling Oil pump, KRE North Wind intake, Custom Pro System HP1000 4150 style carburetor, 2″ Doug’s Headers, 80 cc KRE Aluminum High Port Heads gasket matched, 1.6 Scorpion rockers, TIP Complete Gasket Set, TIP Viton® rear main seal, Pro-Race balancer, Ross pistons with a custom dish, Total Seal Rings, 3.700 Tall Billet-TEK valve covers, and a custom TIP Evac system using a Star Machine vac pump

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