Tin Indian Performance Pontiac rear main seals are specifically designed for the stock Pontiac block and Kauffman Performance MR-1 aftermarket Pontiac blocks. Our Pontiac Rear Main Seals are made of Viton® and are far superior to the factory rope seal. They are the single most reliable way to control oil in a Pontiac engine.  This product is a direct replacement for the conventional rope style seals in Pontiacs which are prone to leak over time.  Our seals are made and designed by Pontiac Engine Builders and are the clear choice when you want the absolute best in oil control when rebuilding your Pontiac engine.

Unlike other seals our seals made in the USA (not some foreign country) AND we have such confidence in our product, we will never try to sell you a revamped rear main rope seal. You won’t EVER see us selling a rope seal, period!  Our seals are clearly labeled with TIN INDIAN PERFORMANCE on both the RM300 and the RM325 seals. We are so confident in our seals that we put our company name right on them. Our seals are color coded as well. The purple seal is our 3″ Viton® Pontiac rear main seal and our black seal is our 3.25″ Viton ® Pontiac rear main seal.  We are consistently looking to improve and deliver the best quality possible in our gaskets and seals.


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