MR-1 and MR-1A Aftermarket Pontiac Blocks

At Tin Indian Performance, we offer both the MR-1 (cast iron) and MR-1A (aluminum) aftermarket Pontiac blocks. These blocks are manufactured by Kauffman Performance, LTD. on their own in house CNC machine.

Ready to make some real power? This block is for YOU!

Here are just some of the MR-1 and MR-1 aftermarket Pontiac Block improvements over a stock block:

  • made from high quality cast iron
  • thicker decks
  • comes standard with steel 4 bolt splayed main caps
  • no water jacket penetration at the clutch ball
  • block is capable of large bore and stroke sizes
  • dual bellhousing bolt pattern
  • lifter galley is strengthened – no additional lifter bore brace is required
  • max bore size of 4.4 (MR-1A is 4.350)
  • standard Pontiac, 50 and 55mm cam tunnels are available
  • Bronze lifter bushing available
  • Standard 3″ mains

The MR-1 and MR-1A Pontiac blocks are designed to accept ALL stock Pontiac parts!

  • Pontiac roller lifters fit without grinding block (Crower as well as other brands)
  • stand oil pump drive rod
  • standard press in freeze plugs
  • NO OIL PAN FRAME RAIL CLEARANCE ISSUES! This block does NOT use registered mains
  • All standard Pontiac cooling passages are present
  • No Timing cover issues
MR-1 Cast Iron Pontiac block

FOBĀ  via truck freight

MR-1A Aluminum Pontiac block

FOB via truck freight

More information on block upgrades can be found on the Kauffman Performance, LTD. website

Kauffman Performance