Pontiac Timing Covers Late front and back
KRE Pontiac 1969 and later Aluminum Pontiac Timing Cover



This is the KRE aluminum Pontiac timing cover!  This Pontiac timing cover is made by precision sand casting 356-T6 aluminum.  The timing cover comes with the following  features:

  • Tin Indian Performance Crank Seal installed

  • Heater nipple drilled 

  • Has 0, 6, and 12 degree timing marks like the original 1969 Pontiac timing cover

  • Fully 5 axis CNC machined

  • Accepts ALL standard Pontiac parts from 1969 and up

    fuel pumps and block offs
    – water pump sleeves
    – water pumps
    – water pump divider plates
  • Intake manifold crossover hole is sized for 1/8 pipe tap should you want to block it off

  • Cast and machined in the U.S.A

Pontiac Timing Cover late KRE

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