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The worlds  Quickest  Naturally Aspirated Pontiac
6.81 @ 192.28 mph
Kevin Swaney's Tin Indian Performance Rear Engine Dragster

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Pontiac Books

How to Build Max Performance V-8s

$18.95 each

How to build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8's

  • Covers 25 years of Pontiac V-8 engine production
  • Pontiac V-8s came in some of the most popular
    muscle cars ever produced, including the
    Firebird, the GTO and the Trans-Am.
  • Covers mild performance applications to all-out
    performance build-ups.

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Have you been searching for a book dedicated strictly to Pontiac performance? Look no further How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s is the one you need. From the 287 to the mighty 455, from Tempests to Tri-Powers, this book covers it all. Pontiac performance began back in 1955 with the midyear introduction of a 4-barrel induction package. From there, the performance people at Pontiac upped the ante year after year, putting together performance packages for the 326, 389, 400, 421, and 455-cubic-inch engines. From Tri-Powers and Ram Air packages to factory cast headers, Pontiac has a performance and racing history as memorable and unique as any. Author Jim Hand begins with a year-by-year timeline, tracing Pontiac performance packages from 1955 through 1979, and then moves on to chapters on bottom end parts, and cooling, oiling, and ignition systems. He has also included special sections on the available carburetors including Tri-Powers, Q-Jets, Thermoquads, and AFBs, as well as detailed info on head porting and exhaust systems, featuring quantitative flowbench and drag-strip results. If you want to increase the performance of your Pontiac, How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s will show you how.



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