kauffman aluminum high port head


The KRE Aluminum High Port cylinder heads are the best choice for Pontiac race and / or MAX EFFORT street applications. The KRE High Ports have been on the market since April 2005 and they have proceeded to dominate the Pontiac race market! This head is NOT a modified KRE aluminum D port, this is a completely different head/casting!  The heads feature raised intake port openings and extended intake flanges for improved flow, while retaining the stock location, making them compatible with most standard high performance Pontiac manifolds and round port style headers. The CNCed fast burn heart shaped combustion chambers are VERY efficient as they incorporate some of the same improvements as the KRE Aluminum D Port heads.  Oil drain backs have been inproved as well to prevent excess oil from laying in the rocker area.  The heads will bolt to ALL traditional Pontiac blocks & aftermarket Pontaic blocks, and do not require special offset lifters or rocker shaft systems.

Other features / improvements include:

  • Exhaust port is standard Pontiac round port configuration
  • As cast with a 45cc chamber and delivered with a 56 cc, 64 cc, 74cc or 80 cc CNC chamber
  • Utilizes standard pushrod location for 3/8 pushrod – typically around 10.300 long
  • Rockershaft versions available upon request (shafted heads use a T&D 9028 shaft system .700 offset)
  • As cast heads flow around 330 cfm on the intake
  • 2.20 Intake valve and a 1.70 exhaust valve
  • Ferrea 6.200 Valve length
  • Valve angle is 14 degrees
  • Minimum bore size of 4.150
  • Stock port heads use a TIP-120230 intake gasket (specifically designed for the head)
  • TIP-120240 intake gasket is used for most standard pushrod location heads
  • Oil drain backs are positioned to allow for a more complete draining back of the valve cover area preventing oil from standing on the valve seals
  • Pushrod tubes are designed to accommodate 1.65 rockers without grinding on the heads
  • CNC ported versions of 365, 380, 400 and 430 cfm


Kauffman aluminum high port chamber 2


As Cast 56 CC High Port Head flow numbers


Heads are available with the following pushrod hole locations:

  • Stock Pushrod Location Heads – flow up to 380 cfm
  • .700 Offset Pushrod Location Heads – required for heads flowing > 380 cfm and up and requires the use of a shaft rocker system


 Kauffman Aluminum High Port Cylinder Head Pricing

Chamber sizeBareComplete
56 CC $872.50 ea$1,472.50 ea
64 cc$922.50 ea$1,522.50 ea
74 cc$972.50 ea$1,572.50 ea
80 cc$972.50 ea$1,572.50 ea

 CNC Port Work Options

365 CFM
Std. Pushrod Location
380 CFM
Std. Pushrod Location
400 CFM
Rocker Shaft ONLY
430 CFM
Rocker Shaft ONLY
$400.00 ea$550.00 ea$700.00 ea$800.00 ea

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**  Please note that all cylinder heads and port work are priced individually / per head.  If you are ordering port work you will need to order the port work twice – once for each head.

All heads can be ordered in any special way for any special application. 

E-mail us at sales_team@tinindianperformance.com  for your specific needs


See what it takes to switch over to a set of KRE High Port Heads!

July August 2008 PE cover

High On LifeSwitching to KRE High Port cylinder heads is easier and less costly than you might think.

By Jason Scott / Photography by Kevin Swaney

PDF version of the article

Still not convinced that these Pontiac aluminum cylinder heads are the right performance choice for you?

Here are some DYNO performance numbers:

  • Out of the box heads make 628 tq and 700 HP on a 463 CID engine
  • Rockershafted High Ports on a 505 CID make 903 HP @ 7500 rpm’s
  • December 2005 – 505 MR-1 Pontiac block makes 775 hp and 718 ft lbs of torque with AS CAST KRE High Ports Std pushrod location
  • Out of the box head makes 730 hp on 467 CID – race gas
  • 821 HP on GAS, Victor intake, single 4bbl with 360 cfm standard pushrod location
  • 850 HP 505 Single Domiator on GAS! Standard pushrod location
  • 511 cid MR-1A with as cast High Ports makes 766 HP ON PUMP GAS!

Here are some TRACK performance numbers:

  • Tin Indian Performance Rear Engine Dragster ran 8.42 @ 155.78 m.p.h. with 320 cfm E-Heads and a .620 lift 260 duration cam @ VMP in May 2005
    • Switched to a set of High Port heads that flowed 350 cfm same cam no other changes. Car went 8.17 @ 159.25 m.p.h. at Norwalk in August 2005
    • Made a cam swap to better match the High Ports and the car went 7.94 @ 167.36 m.p.h.
    • 494 CID with cam swap same heads, single carb, on GAS went 7.66 @ 172 m.p.h.
    • Naturally Aspirated 540 cid makes 950 HP with 400 cfm shafted High Ports – 7.37 et in TIP’s Rear Engine Dragster
    • 56 cc 400 CFM High Ports make over 1000 hp on a MR-1 Pontiac block. 535 cid run 7.14 @ 186.51 in TIP’s Rear Engine Dragster
  • 505 makes 850 HP on GAS with 380 cfm standard pushrod location High Ports 9.17 et in Mike Williams 1966 GTO
  • 80 cc High Port makes 580 HP and 590 ft lbs of torque in a pump gas 463 with 10.75 to 1 compression. ’66 GTO runs a best of 11.13 @ 119 mph at 3500 lbs.
  • 535 MR-1A with 56 cc 400+ CFM High Ports make over 1030 hp and is the 1st Pontiac race car to run a 6 second NA pass!  6.818 ET at 192.28 mph in TIP’s Rear Engine Dragster

** Bare heads come with seats and guides installed, guide plates and rocker studs
** Complete heads come with 1200 series Ferrea valves, titanium  retainers, 10 degree locks, PC seals, roller cam springs good to .750 lift, ARP rocker studs, 4 angle valve job and spring cups.