As of August 2013, the maintenance of the fastest Pontiacs ever list has been handed over to a group of like minded Pontiac enthusiast, Hard Core Pontiac Promotions, LTD., who have a lot of great ideas to take the list to the NEXT level. We have enjoyed maintaining the list and watching it grow in popularity, while the elapsed times have steadily dropped over the years. Maintaining the list was exciting and a sure fire way to stay “in tune” with the fastest Pontiacs on the planet! But let’s face it, with building engines and running CNC machines, there are only so many hours in the day. Despite the fact that the Pontiac Motor Division is no longer around, there is still plenty of EXCITEMENT in the Pontiac hobby. The guys at Hard Core Pontiac Promotions definitely know and appreciate FAST Pontiacs and we certainly feel they will maintain the lists integrity and objectivity moving forward while creating even more excitement in the Pontiac community. Tin Indian Performance, intends support their efforts and we wish them success with their business adventures.

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