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February 2013 – NEW stainless dipstick tubes, Billet-TEK valve cover winner, Facebook

March 2013 – Norwalk recap part #2, Fastest Pontiacs update, Tire Tech

April 2013 – Swap meet parts, new coated valve cover options, NEW Firebird breathers, Pontiac Nationals info

May 2013 – NEW Super Duty oil pump plates, rear main seal tech, SV-1 intake manifold modifications, New think valve cover gaskets

June 2013 – New 61-64 intake gaskets and blockoffs, Mark Billings 650 horse pump gas 461, Norwalk Ticket Raffle, Hoban Car Raffle, Fastest Pontiacs update

July 2013 – Pontiac Challenge Billet-TEK valve cover winner, Mike Moak’s pump gas 505 makes 776 hp, Steve Dale – new #1 Fastest Pontiac update

July 26, 2013 – Norwalk reminder, Hoban raffle, Billet-TEK giveaway

August 2013 – New TIP Pontiac service shirts, Pontiac valve cover gaskets

September 2013 – Norwalk recap part 1, Billet-TEK winner, New TIP Pontiac service tanks, fastest pontiacs list moves

October 2013 – Norwalk recap part 2, Mark Kauffman fastest Pontiacs ever update 7.027 @ 197.16

November 2013 – Thanksgiving wish, Christmas specials, Fastest Pontiacs Ever update, Rocker arm ratio tech

December 2013 – Christmas wish and special extension