Tin Indian Performance Dragster 2015 Beech Bend

Welcome Pontiac Performance Enthusiasts!

Looking for Pontiac performance?  You have come to the right place!  We are here to get you the most mileage out of your performance dollar by providing you with the right parts for your combination / application.  We are here to help your Pontiac make more POWER!

Whether your setup is pure stock, street/strip or all out race, we are here to help you meet your performance goals.  We carry a wide assortment of traditional Pontiac performance parts from some of the best parts suppliers in the Pontiac community.  We are also a Pontiac parts manufacture with 3 in-house CNC milling centers.

– Pontiac Engine Builder –

Tin Indian Performance also builds Pontiac engines and ONLY Pontiac engines.  All we do is Pontiacs.  We are one of a VERY few companies who specialize ONLY in Pontiacs.  We have dyno proven Pontiac engine combinations from daily driver pump gas combos to full blown race engines and everything in-between.  These combos are both dyno tested and track tested to insure they perform as advertised.  Unlike some “Pontiac Engine Builders” we build our OWN engines for our own race cars.  We also build our OWN Pontiac engines with the same parts we sell and manufacture in those same engines!

Have tech questions or need help figuring out what you need to accomplish your performance goals?

Contact us by email @ sales_team@tinindianperformance.com