We wanted to start a new tradition of giving the winners of the Tin Indian Performance Street Class at Norwalk a Winner or Runner Up T shirt for both Saturday and Sunday’s class placers.  We finally got the design done and printed.  T-shirts along with some of our new TIP decals will go out Friday 3/1/2018.

Saturday Tin Indian Performance Street Class
Carole Barhorst was the WINNER!
Brent Garlow was the Runner Up

Sunday Tin Indian Performane Street Class
Todd Gabbard was the WINNER!
Vernon Bennett was the Runner UP

Congratulations guys!  We certainly know it takes someone to really be on their game as there are always a large number of cars in the class.  Well done and we will be keeping an eye out to see if anyone repeats their performance in 2019.  Thanks to all who participated in the Tin Indian Performance Street Class at Norwalk.