These are our Billet-TEK custom built Pontiac valve covers. These aluminum valve covers can be custom made to your specifications. Other features include:
  • CNC machined piece
  • Thick CNC machined rails for perfect flatness and superior sealing
  • Our valve covers will clear high port intake and supercharger manifolds without any modifications
  • Valve covers are available with stainless steel socket head cap screws or black oxide socket head cap screws and optional breather grommets
  • Grommet holes can be placed anywhere you want them
  • Designed to clear ALL valve train components – poly locks and stud girdles!
  • Covers feature recessed bolt hole for a clean finished look

Need a custom valve cover height? We can do it!

We are able to offer these valve covers in just about any height you desire (additional costs may apply).  OUR standard/stock height is 3.700 tall. We also offer 3.100 tall and and 2.625 tall covers (stock Pontiac height) in our standard selection of covers.    Valve covers are 5″ wide.

Custom Valve Cover Engraving Available

Want to make your valve covers one of a kind? We offer custom valve cover engraving on all of our valve covers starting at $150.00. You are limited only by your imagination as to what you can put on the valve covers. Below is just a small sample of what can be done.  If you are interested in custom engraving it is best to email us to start the process.
How to order your valve covers:

  1. Select the standard logo that you like from the 5 that we offer
  2. Select the height of the valve covers that you want from the 3 heights we offer
  3. Select what size breather holes you want and where you want them located on the driver side valve cover
  4. Select what size breather hole you want and where you want them located on the passenger side valve cover
  5. Determine if you want to order stainless bolts or black oxide bolts with your covers (bolts are NOT included)
  6. Determine if you want to order our recommend valve cover gaskets VC-3125 (gaskets are NOT included)


Billet-Tek Pontiac Valve Cover Plain No Logo

Billet-Tek Pontiac Valve Cover Plain No Logo


Billet-TEK Pontiac Valve Cover – No logo
3.700 Tall 3.100 Tall 2.625 Tall stock Pontiac  height
TIP-PVC000-3.700 TIP-PVC000-3.100 TIP-PVC000-2.625
$350.00 $400.00 $450.00





Push-in 1.22″ breather hole

Driver Side Breather Location

Passenger Valve Cover Breather Location

Screw-in 1.00″ breather hole