Long time friend and customer, Charlie Bowers wanted to freshen up his 1966 Pontiac 389 engine after logging over 180,000 miles!  Charlie purchased his black on black ’66 GTO brand new, and he felt it was time to have us go through the engine.  Charlie was looking for a basic “stocker rebuild” with some slight upgrades so that he could run on the pump gas of today and still produce the power that he remembered the car making.   We used the original 1966 block that came out of the car and after chatting with Charlie about his goals for this engine we started on this very tame and reliable pump gas build.

The engine uses the following components:

  • Stock 1966 2 bolt block with armasteel crankshaft
  • Stock 093 heads, screw in studs installed, new stainless valves, springs, guide liners, spring, retainers, keepers
  • 1966 Pontiac Tripower with original carbs
  • Eagle 6.625 rods w/ full floating pins
  • Moroso Oil pan
  • Melling Oil pump with TIP SD-Oil plate installed
  • Total Seal Rings file fit
  • Federal Mogul Rod and Main bearings
  • Ross Custom Pistons with Custom Dish for 9.5 to 1 compression to run pump gas
  • Druabond Cam bearings
  • Trend Pushrods
  • Melling SP-3 Ram Air II 744 camshaft
  • Crower Hydraulic Roller LIfters
  • Stock reproduction valve covers
  • Tin Indian Performance Complete Gasket Set with TIP-RM300 Viton ® rear main seal
  • Felpro 1016 head gaskets
  • Stock refurbished Distributor
  • Taylor Wires
  • Comp Cams 1.52 roller tip rockers
  • AC R45S Spark Plugs
  • ARP Head Bolts
  • Flowkooker Water Pump
  • Original Timing Cover
  • Reproduction Stock Balancer
  • Engine balanced and blueprinted
  • Dyno Tuned before delivery



The engine makes 14+ inches of vacuum at 800 rpm with this combination!



348 horsepower 406 ft lbs of torque Dyno Sheet