Stephen Galea from Australia contacted us wanting to build a 600+ horsepower ALL Aluminum Pontiac engine.  After getting all of Steve’s requirements down we started the foundation of the build with a Kauffman Performance MR-1A aftermarket Pontiac block.  To make the power we were after we settled in on a set of Kauffman Racing Equipment 80 cc chamber High Port heads, that gave us a pump gas friendly combo with the Ross custom dished pistons we installed.

The engine uses the following components:

  • Kauffman Performance MR-1A Pontiac Block
  • 80 cc KRE High Port Heads (stock ports)
  • KRE North Wind Intake
  • Pro Systems custom configured HP1000 4150 carb
  • Complete Eagle Rotating Assembly (4.5″ stroke and 6.7 rods) w/ full floating pins
  • Moroso Oil pan
  • Melling Oil pump with TIP SD-Oil plate installed
  • Total Seal Rings file fit
  • Federal Mogul Rod and Main bearings
  • Ross Custom Pistons with Custom Dish
  • Druabond Cam bearings
  • Trend Pushrods
  • Tin Indian Performance Custom Ground Camshaft by Comp Cams
  • Lunati Hydraulic Roller LIfters
  • Tin Indian Performance Billet-TEK valve covers
  • Tin Indian Performance Complete Gasket Set
  • Cometic Head Gaskets .051
  • MSD Distributor
  • Taylor Wires
  • Scorpion 1.6 Ford Rockers
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • ARP Head Studs and Complete 12 pt Engine Kit
  • Flowkooker Water Pump
  • KRE Timing Cover
  • Pro Race Balancer
  • Tin Indian Performance Custom Evac System
  • TIP-RM300 Viton® rear main seal



The engine makes 12-13 inches of vacuum at 850 rpm with this combination. The KRE heads have a very efficient chamber and great sparkplug location.  Most engines we build with the KRE heads come in around 31-33 degrees of timing once we dial them in on the dyno.



672 horsepower 710 ft lbs of torque Dyno Sheet

The guys over at wrote an article on this engine as well.  You can read it by clicking the link below: article on Steve G’s Pump Gas 535

 Just to see what we could get out of this combo we decided to put a  Pro Systems 1050 Dominator on top of that KRE North Wind intake and yank the dyno handle one last time.   The engine definitely liked having the bigger carb on top of it and subsequently pulled 690 horsepower and 707 ft lbs of torque.  While the peak torque number was down a little, both average horsepower and average torque were both up.  Horsepower and torque were both up 6 numbers!



690 horsepower 707 ft lbs of torque Dyno Sheet