Tin Indian Performance acquires Milltronics VM30 CNC milling center

Wow!  What an upgrade…


In late November the opportunity to purchase a new CNC machine was presented to us and we just couldn’t pass up the deal.  Our new Milltronics VM30 is a HUGE upgrade from our current Partner 1 and Partner 6 CNC machines that we currently have.  We are keeping the P1 and P6 machines online for now as it has taken us quite some time to get this mill cleaned up and ready to make parts.  We are currently in the process of tooling up and transferring some of our code over.  So far so good!


The machining capacity of this machine is LIGHT YEARS ahead of our current CNC machines. This VM30 is equipped with a 20 pocket tool changer and it is a much more rigid mill as well. If our calculations are correct we should be able to machine 4 Billet-TEK valve covers at 1 time in this machine.  We are currently fixing what is broke on the machine, performing much needed maintenance and transferring all of our existing CNC programming over to this mill. As we are writing this we have successfully produced our first Billet-TEK cover on the new mill and we are looking forward to many years of service from our new Milltronics VM30!Special thanks to Mark Kauffman for his help in acquiring and getting this major CNC upgrade on site & in our shop! Enjoy the pics….



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